Design for a minimal staircase with a single offset stringer, CNC plasma-cut steel tread and platform supports for a residential installation in Manhattan. Mid-landing platform is engineered to be supported by the converging stair stringers and tension rods attached to the building structure.
Conceived by Jerry Nance with Serett Metalworks.

Bangkok Hotel

A proposal for a modular 65-room hotel and a restaurant for a site in Bangkok Thailand. Guests can be as connected to the city environment as they wish with passively cooled spaces that encompass interior personal and exterior social realms. This environmentally oriented building creates easy connections to the street, neighboring Khlong and the Chao Phraya River with views towards downtown Bangkok.
Jerry Nance


Blackened steel railing with dyed saddle leather handrail designed and built with Serett Metalworks for a residential loft in Manhattan. This design was conceived to have a minimal profile and to project a weightless feeling with floating corners and clean transitions.
Jerry Nance

Crow's Nest

Observation deck incorporated above a playground office and public bathroom installed at David Rockwell's Imagination Playground at the South Street Seaport in New York City. Jerry Nance and Michael O'Toole completed the comprehensive construction documentation and fabrication drawings for this structure of tubular steel and seamless TIG welded stainless steel. This structure was constructed in Brooklyn, NY and transported across the East River to Manhattan for installation and finishing. Work performed for Serett Metalworks.

West End Helix

Full helix staircase in black patina with leather handrail and Corian treads designed and built with Serett Metalworks for a boutique retail store in Manhattan.
Jerry Nance

Waterfall Swing

Towering steel swing set holding an array of mechanical solenoids that creates a water plane falling in the path of its riders. Formed from a tangent of ideas raised from the study of interactions of water as space, the swing is the first in a series that play with interaction in rides and installations. Riders pass through openings in a waterfall created by precisely monitoring their path via axel-housed encoders, creating the thrill of narrowly escaping obstacles. Andrew Ratcliff, Michael O'Toole, Andrew Witte, Ian Charnas

Swimming Cities | India Project

Handmade stainless steel boats with power-trains adapting motorcycles to paddlewheels and props. A continuation of Swimming Cities projects, the journey in Fall 2011 took these boats with a group of Brooklyn, NY based artists to the Ganges River in India for a two month, 400 mile journey from Haridwar to Varanasi where they engaged with the life on this holy river. See to follow this journey.

Leo Villareal | Cosmos Light Sculpture

Fabrication and installation at Cornell University’s Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art in Ithaca, NY. Project Architect - Walter Smith.

Photos by Simon Wheeler, Ithaca Journal